Scar Tissue Repair

Every year thousands of people undergo surgery or have serious accidents leaving them with scar tissue. For some people, their scar may leave them feeling tight or uncomfortable. Others may not notice any physical discomfort but could still benefit from physical therapy as part of their rehabilitation, structural or soft tissue treatment.

Scar Therapy is a series of gentle, light, massage-based treatments to help with the function and feeling of your scar.

Scar Therapy can:

Release Tightness

Scar therapy can help loosen and release tight scar tissue to reduce discomfort. Treatment can be beneficial on both new and old scar tissue

Help Restricted Mobility

By reducing tightness and encouraging mobility between the layers of skin, fascia and muscle, the client’s range of movement can often improve.

Reduce Sensitivity and Pain

Trapped nerves and irritated scar tissue can be a factor for prolonged discomfort. Therapeutic touch may reduce pain and help to normalise sensitivity.

C- SECTION SCAR THERAPY™ is a specialist treatment that can help reduce pain, tightness, itching, numbness, pulling, redness, overhang, pinching, thickening or a raised appearance of your C-Section Scar.

Our experienced Scar Specialist will provide a comprehensive consultation, assess, and treat your C Section scar using a combination of different methods and specialist equipment to help maximise the healing of your scar that are non-invasive and not

At Wellness Therapy Clinic we will prepare a bespoke scar rehab plan, give you support, advice and education. We offer the latest technology benefitting and assisting you in your recovery and enhancing the appearance of your scar.

The LymphAtouch provides targeted negative pressure for scars and will help free up movement and accelerate the rehabilitation process. Deep Oscillation® is a relaxing and pain free therapy which is highly regarded for its several benefits including the reduction of swelling and inflammation, pain relief, relaxed muscles, improved mobility, and the promotion of wound healing.

If you have been treated for Breast Cancer, then you know that scar tissue from surgery, radiation, ports and drain tubes can cause chronic pain and restriction, not just at the site of the scar, but the entire surrounding area.

At Wellness Therapy Lymph Clinic, we have an Oncology Scar Specialist who can help with your scar and stimulate the underlying tissue.  We can focus on reducing any issues related to surgery or radiotherapy.

If you have recently had a Caesarean, then you know that scar tissue from surgery, can feel uncomfortable, cause pain, tenderness and restriction, not just at the site of the scar, but the entire surrounding area.

Siobhan, our Scar Specialist at Wellness Therapy Clinic, can help with your C- Section scar and stimulate the underlying tissue. Focusing on reducing any issues related to your Caesarean.

How can scar therapy help:

  • Stimulate change to scar tissue on the skin surface and to adhesions or fibrosis in the underlying tissue.
  • Reduce common symptoms, such as pain, sensitivity, tightness, pulling and puckering.
  • Promote functional movement after surgery.


Our emphasis is to educate and empower patients.

At wellness Thearpy Clinic we offer LymphAtouch a medical device widely used in the NHS and private practice as a tool to help manage scar tissue.