Chronic Fatigue, ME & Fibromyalgia

How can Chronic Fatigue / M.E. and fibromyalgia be helped?

Lymphatic drainage treatments aim to restore balance to the stressed body by improving the drainage of the lymphatic system and in key areas of the chest, neck and head this congestion can be reduced offering relief to the client. Due to the critical role of the lymphatic system, improving the lymphatic drainage can affect a whole host of body systems including the nervous system due reducing the build-up of toxins surrounding it. This improves the symptoms experienced by people who have chronic fatigue syndrome, M.E. and fibromyalgia.

What is my approach?

My approach to helping people with these conditions is using specifically lymphatic drainage for the brain and nervous tissues. I combine deep oscillation therapy, using gentle stokes, on the neck, back and chest to stimulate the lymphatic system that removes toxins and metabolic wastes.

A fully functioning lymphatic system is essential for health and an interrupted lymphatic system is vital for brain health. This lymphatic system also influences restorative delta wave sleep patterns which if not present during sleep means we wind up tired.
What is fantastic and impressive about lymphatic drainage for the brain and nervous tissues is that this technique had been practised for decades and it is only in the past 5 years that medical science imaging has been able to prove that this technique works. A functioning healthy lymphatic system helps to restore the brain.
I have been a lymphatic drainage specialist practising since 2018 treating a wide variety of lymphatic conditions including lymphoedema and post cosmetic lymphatic drainage. Enhancing the cranial rhythm and combining this with Vodder lymphatic drainage techniques allows for a healthy brain, nervous tissue, and whole body.